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RSS Feeds and the Archive

A basic RSS feed can be retrieved from the Archive by pointing your RSS reader at

This page will return a set of items recently added to the Internet Archive.

Constructing Queries

RSS Feeds by Collection

You may get an RSS feed of a collection by simply adding a collection argument to your query. For example:

RSS Feeds by Media Type

You may get an RSS feed by mediatype, e.g. audio, by adding a 'mediatype' argument to your request. For example:

RSS Feeds of Arbitrary Data

In addition to querying by collection and mediatype, you may also issue queries that will create an RSS feed of arbitrary items described by the query. For example, to get an RSS feed of all items with a subject of 'trance' you query:

You can use our Advanced Search interface to enter in arbitrary queries and get the results back in RSS. In addition, you may use that form to sort the results, to change the number of results and to page through result sets.


Our RSS feeds use the Media RSS format and our feed results will include (when available) one of the following enclosure types:

  • audio/mpeg
  • video/h264
  • video/mp4
  • video/mpeg
  • video/x-flv